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The updated Rupaya wallet has arrived. Designed with you in mind and developed for payment security and growth. Experience the Rupaya difference today.

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Rupaya is the cryptocurrency for South Asia

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The very best way to get started with Rupaya is to purchase some RUPX on an exchange. From there you can add it to your wallet, pay for goods, help a charity, or send it to a friend.


Rupaya Wallet

Vault-like security

Digital payments have never been better

Digital currencies require you to operate like your own bank. The Rupaya wallet is here to help you stay safe and secure. The wallet is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.



Income and governance

Start earning today with your own masternode

Masternodes validate transaction and provide stability to the Rupaya network. Masternode owners earn rewards for operating them, and can participate on project governance.


21st Century Growth.

Our blockchain based payment platform is designed to grow with you. No matter where you are or what you do. Business owners, financial institutions, and individuals will all benefit from our unique platform. Best of all, with our ongoing and rapid development cycle, we’ll be growing with you for a long time.

Rupaya Updates

Information and announcements

Stay up to date with the very latest project announcements, news, press, community info and more on Medium.


Service Providers

Shared masternode hosting and more.

Our service provider partners are carefully vetted to ensure the highest standards.


Banking the Unbanked.

According to estimates, only 27% percent of adults in South Asia have a bank account. Coupled with stats that show a vast majority of transactions in the region are still cash only, there is a growing need for next generation financial options. That’s where Rupaya comes in. Our platform provides a new option for financial stability and growth.


South Asia accounts for nearly 1.9 billion people, or roughly a quarter of the world’s population.

Economic Boom

South Asia continues to be one of the world’s fastest-growing regions, according to the World Bank.

Cash is King

Nearly 70% of all transactions in South Asia still take place with cash, this include e-commerce payments.

7% Growth

The IMF predicts that the South Asia region economy will grow at around 7% through 2020.