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With native currency exchange, we make our digital crypto asset RUPX accessible to ordinary users and merchants.

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Rupaya community

Governed by a passionate community and a dedicated development team.

Our entire team is on board to help out, and the community is strong. We all got here by learning and helping!
Velk - Marketing

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RUPX is trading on the following exchanges.

Block Explorer

View your transactions on the blockchain.

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Masternode Monitoring

Track the status of your masternode.

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Masternode Profitability

How profitable is my masternode?

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The Rupaya Team

Aasim Founder & Developer

TooShameless Governor/Developer

Velk Marketing

mn.zone_dev Masternodes & Governance Developer

Letoir .Net Developer

Reefy Full-stack Developer

web3 Community Moderator & Technical Support

gwal Community Moderator & Technical Support

GoodTimes Community Moderator & Technical Support

gdiscord Community Moderator & Technical Support

Poseidon Community Moderator

Ravi Khumar Community Moderator

@ravi khumar
Behram Ali Lakhani Community Moderator

@Behram Ali Lakhani
Stanec Community Moderator