General News

Rupaya and Velk part ways

Greetings fellow Rupayans,

It is extremely unfortunate however, today we must deliver the news that Tobias Roediger (most of you know him as Velk) will no longer be a member of the Rupaya core team. In response to the lack of communication to the community, we had enacted a policy back in October 2018 of mandatory communication within the team. We recognize that this is a grassroots project and team members may have other responsibilities that conflict with our schedule. To work around this we believe that consistent communication of our schedules is paramount to effectively working as a small team.

After two weeks without contact from Tobias, we began to worry for Velk’s whereabouts. At that point we reached out to him across all platforms that we could access him through. We received communication back from Velk, apologizing for the dissappearance but citing personal issues with his business that is requiring all the additional free time that he has. Subsequently he has informed us that he needs to walk away from the Rupaya project and focus on soley his business.

We hope that one day Velk finds his way back to actively participating in the Rupaya community but for now we must say goodbye. We want to thank Velk for all of his hard work, committment, and efforts in helping bring Rupaya to the level it’s at today. We wish him all the best for him and his company going forward.

In the wake of his absence, Aasim (Mobay) and myself (Kevin, tooshameless) will take over the messaging platforms and community communication responsibilities until such point as we locate a trustworthy and capable replacement. There are numerous activities as part of the transition including account owners, points of contact, as well as the transfer of the marketing budget. Please be patient with us as we solidify the new communication workflow and build the marketing group Rupaya needs.


Kevin Maloney

Governor of Rupaya