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Message from Rupaya founder about wallet

Greetings Rupayans,


This is a brief summary on the recent problems we’ve all been facing with the wallet.

When the team forked the latest PIVX codebase we faced issues with the zerocoin protocol as Pivx introduced the zerocoin v2 protocol which enabled the staking of zerocoins. We hired Martin to help us fork the codebase and the zerocoin v2 was implemented from genesis, Martin removed variables from the original Pivx codebase that were used to transition from zerocoin v1 to zerocoin v2.

Recently a security exploit (fake stake) was discovered by Decentralised System Lab @ UIUC, numerous fixes were released by other teams but we decided to wait and see if PIVX would release its own fix which they did PR803, We quickly scrambled to apply the fix to our codebase once implemented we realized that some variables were removed from our codebase resulting the wallet to crash randomly when it discovered that a fake stake was submitted to the blockchain. After numerous hours spent we discovered what was wrong and a fix has been released in wallet version 5.2.

We are thankful to the PIVX Team for promptly fixing the issue and all credit goes to them.

We’ve added a couple of new features from upstream the most notable ones are:


  • The Zerocoin Light Node Protocol credits to Matias Furszyfer
  • A new governance tab has been added to make things look clearer and ease the process to vote on proposals
  • Snapcraft builds have been implemented (learn more about snapcraft here)
  • Numerous other improvements have been committed to (core features, build system, p2p, network, GUI, and the wallet code)


We aim to iron out our shortcomings in the next release and will endeavor to provide a full list of changes made on future releases.

The Rupaya team is committed to the constant betterment and development of our code.  We would like to thank our community for being patient and understanding while they faced constant wallet crashes and constant update requests.


Aasim (Mobay)

Rupaya Founder and Core Developer