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Rupaya Community Update – May 9, 2019

Good Day Fellow Rupayan’s,


There has been quite a lot of action going on behind the scenes since the last community update.  Let’s take a moment together to recap those happenings in this edition of the Community Update!  We will cover general news, core wallet progress, bot development progress, marketing updates, and the new service provider certification program.

General News

Our Rupayan community is pleased to welcome Aasim back to full-time with Rupaya.  For those that missed the discord announcement, Aasim (Mobay) had to take some time away from the project for a few weeks to handle a family emergency.  We are excited to not only have him back but to hear that things are all well with his family again.  Many Blessings!

We have received some comments regarding current inflation rates and are discussing as a team what potential remedies are available and how any changes would affect the community.  We as a team are still evaluating the options available, along with the consequences.  Once we are finished, we will approach the community with the findings and open up the topic for discussion.  Thank you to Respio#4122 for spurning this conversation!  We always love to hear from the community, and we encourage you to voice your opinions in the #suggestions channel on discord or by emailing [email protected] .

The month of April also saw the announcement that Kalkulus team has acquired Kevin (tooshameless) as another team developer currently tasked to aid in bringing The Hub online.  The Hub 2.0 will be the latest version of the KLKS team hosting platform.  Rupaya continues to be and will stay Kevin’s first crypto love.  This is a great opportunity to work closely with another talented team and Rupaya Service Provider.  My personal hope is that these relationships grow not just the platforms but the crypto community as a whole.

A perfect example of these benefits can be seen with two new systems:

  • The first is Barterlly ( ) where users can create secure over-the-counter trades with atomic swap capabilities using their new launched beta escrow service! Rupaya is one of the lucky few to be added to the initial launch of the product!  Take some time out, setup an account, and test away.  Let’s help Barterlly continue to grow!

Wallet Progress Update

With Aasim (Mobay) back full-time the zerocoin exploit has resumed top priority.  We are monitoring the situation closely and even looking into alternative security protocols, should the inevitable fix to zerocoin not be in alignment with our privacy philosophy.  Regardless of the privacy protocol fixes we still needed to assess any potential damages that could have occurred due to these latest exploit findings.

Aasim implemented the new RPC call getserials to facilitate the analyzation of our blockchain activity for any invalid zerocoin spends.  Kevin took the script provided by random-zebra of the Pivx team, modified it for Rupaya, then coupled with the newly custom built wallet began analyzing our chain.

We are pleased to report that we haven’t detected a single invalid zerocoin spend.  This is in part due to the fact we responded so quickly to the discovery of this issue and disabled zerocoin.

We are going to continue monitoring the progress and once Pivx commits the changes for releasing the old V2 Zerocoin protocol funds, we will apply the same fix to release any funds currently locked within Zerocoin maintenance mode. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to hop in our discord channel for immediate assistance.

Bot Development Progress

Our discord bots have gone through quite a bit of redevelopment and are nearing completion.  Over 2000+ lines of code have been changed/added to the codebase.  This includes not just the modifications required to harness the power of the new API wrapper library, but also to expand the feature sets available.

Copbot specifically had upgrades done to its scanning routine, administrative management, and scammer investigation.  Copbot also saw deployment at three new projects recently with Phore, Kalkulus, and Scrypta all requesting the Copbot’s presence protecting their servers from scammers.

Tipbot has not only had upgrades to the API library put in, but also the addition of several new account features.  We are currently in the testing phase; however initial reports are very positive.  Stay tuned for an official release date!  Make sure you turn your umbrellas upside down because of course we will be hosting a celebration party with lots of rain!

Can you spot some of the new functions?

Can you tell where Tipbot is arriving next?

Marketing Updates

This year we said goodbye to Tobias (Velk), as he has left Rupaya to focus on his personal business and has no longer available time to dedicate to this project.  In his absence Kevin and Aasim have stepped in to fill the void created and we appreciate the community’s patience as we setup the operational processes to allow for us to jointly manage this function.  All of the social network platforms have been transitioned and are now under our control (we are still waiting for a lock on the telegram server to be released, however we do have access to the account).

After vetting a variety of recruitment options, we identified several community members that each held a skill essential to the marketing process.  Those individuals will be working on a contract basis to provide the requisite marketing materials used for our campaign promotions.  There are individuals with whom we feel would be great assets to the marketing team, however the cost to have them on the team full-time is beyond our reach at this current moment.

What work or materials has been done so far…?

We have commissioned a sixty second promotional video that explains the mission and purpose behind the Rupaya Project.  This video has been completed and will be released later this weekend.  We look forward to having more informational and educational videos produced as the Rupaya ecosystem grows.

Join us in our discord server this weekend to celebrate the release of the new video!

Other commissioned work includes a series of graphics that will be used for advocacy and general promotion.

Our listing with MasterNodesPro (MNP) has been renewed for the year!  They have established themselves as the #1 resource for masternode statistical information (#1 Alexa Rank!). We look forward to growing our relationship with MNP even further during the upcoming months!

We have also setup a Lifetime listing with Masternodes.Live (MNL)! Project page just went live the other day, excited to see all the stats once they are fully synced up.  Give them a little time to make sure all the information is just right.

What is coming next?

We are currently exploring two large promotional campaigns with separate service providers; however, we cannot share more at this time, as the details are still being worked out.  Stay tuned!


Service Provider Certification Program

Lastly, we have kicked our Service Provider Certification program!  This program will be reviewing, cataloging, and scoring all currently known Rupaya Service Providers.  These results will be compiled by the team and released to the entire crypto community in a special press release.  The features and functionality essential to hosting a secure environment and providing full value to our users for their investments will be the cornerstones of our certification program.  An example of a feature we will be looking for would be access to your private keys.  Other feature examples could be two-factor authentication or something as simple as real time support (Discord, telegram).  We are going to use this program to encourage better relationships and features from our service providers, as well as provide our community with reputable feedback regarding the service providers offerings.

About Rupaya

Founded in 2014, Rupaya is the blockchain based payments platform of South Asia. Built on a mature and rapidly growing set of features, our digital crypto asset RUPX is easily accessible to ordinary users, merchants, and institutions alike. Rupaya is governed by a passionate community and a dedicated development team.


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