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Rupaya Community Update – February 10, 2019

Rupaya Community Update - February 11, 2019

Evening Rupayan Community,

First of all we would like to apologize for not releasing community updates in a regular and timely fashion for a long time now. We know that an essential component to our success is to keep open and fair communication channels with the community consistent. Unfortunately we have to admit that we have been too sparing with this issue lately and the whole team apologizes for this!

In order to avoid this error going forward the team decided to advertise a position as Community Update Manager to keep the community up to date with the latest information about the state of Rupaya.

For this we have offered the position to Rohin (Rupx Armadillo), who graciously accepted, and we should all welcome him to the core team. Rohin has been a long time active community member with a dedication to the success of the project and mission.  He has decided to give up his earnings related to this position to the community in the form of Tips and Raffle Seeds.

Currently we were discussing within the team how we could organize a Q&A evening for the community. We would like to ask for questions from the community and introduce the team, in a further effort to make the project as transparent as possible.

The Rupaya team recognizes that the community would like to see more and more developments regarding the project.  Since we are a small team at the core we have decided to post various recruitment opportunities for the community to join us in helping accelerate the visibility, accessibility, and usability of Rupaya. People from various fields such as graphic design and content creation have already registered and we want to thank you for the immediate response! The lists are compiled as as each initiative begins we will be reaching out to those that responded.  All positions are currently still open and we will continue to expand as possible. Please do not hesitate to submit your application today!



We have received lots of positive feedback on the recruitment postings. Many people have stepped forward to offer their talents and several positions are still available.  Everyone is welcome to apply for the positions posted.  Even if it isn’t posted please reach out to us so that we can add you and your skills to the list for future possibilities. Following is some information on the filled and available positions.

Developer Positions

We are looking for talented individuals in the following programming areas:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Bash
  • C#
  • C++
  • QT
  • GO
  • PHP

We have received 1 application for BASH scripting. All of the above positions are still open and everyone is welcome to apply.

Content Creators

We are looking for individuals interested in helping Rupaya out with the following tasks:

  • Professional writing
  • Graphic designing
  • Merchandising
  • Article translation
  • Technical translation
  • Newsletter, Announcement translation

We have received four applications regarding translations. Two of those have signed up for Spanish Translation, one has signed up for Italian and one has signed for German. We specially require Language Translators for various South Asian languages.

Other than the above translators, we have received one application for professional writing, one for Graphic Designing and five people have signed up for QA testing. All of the above positions are still open and anyone can apply.

If you are interested in applying for any of the posted positions, or if you have skills that you believe would be beneficial to the project but aren’t listed, please contact @tooshameless or @Mobay via DM or you can email us using [email protected] .  Please include any relevant references or links to your work/portfolio will move your application to the top.


Bot Development:

Development work for our various Discord bots took a brief hiatus in January as Shameless (Kevin) and Gwal (Gregory) had outside commitments take priority.  Development has resumed, and new features are being worked on to provide our users with ease of use, better security and in general, a more satisfying user experience. Did someone say QR codes and two factor authentication? These features will be put through thorough testing before they are implemented into the TipBot but they are planned to be released in the near future!

QR Paper Digital QR Code 2fa POC


Wallet releases:
Rupaya released a new wallet update with a built-in governance proposal tab and many more small tweaks and new features. This wallet also has a fix for the POS (Proof-Of-Stake) Fake Stake vulnerability which was discovered in the majority of POS coins this year. One of the most popular decentralized exchanges, CryptoBridge closed withdrawals and deposits for a large number of coins believed to have the vulnerability in the chain ( ). Rupaya was not identified as being affected, however we still have made the necessary patches in the latest update to fully ensure all funds stay safe and secure.

We know that it currently takes a lot of time to update the frequent wallet releases but we can assure you that this is only in the interest of the project. As so often it comes to smaller problems in the development of new technology but we can assure you that the team will always do its best to fix problems as soon as possible.


Explorer updates:
Our main explorer has been given a complete makeover for a sleeker new look and better user experience. Address claiming is one of the new features that has been added to the explorer. A new iquidus explorer has also been launched after a discrepancy with MnZone which led to the dissolution of our partnership with them. This means that is no longer a service provider to Rupaya and should not be used for any Rupaya related network information.


New exchange listings:

Rupaya has been listed on the newly re-launched Nova Exchange with BTC and DOGE pairs. The addition of this exchange will help Rupaya in increasing our daily volume as well as attracting more people who will join us in our cause for a better and advanced financial system for South Asia.


Documentation Portal

The Rupaya documentation Portal, ,  provides easy to follow manuals to our users for setting up their masternodes as well as information on many different Rupaya related topics. The documentation portal goes through continuous update to make sure all information there is 100% up to date.  If you wish to contribute to the Documentation library, please contact one of the core team members to get the ball rolling.

About Rupaya

Founded in 2014, Rupaya is the blockchain based payments platform of South Asia. Built on a mature and rapidly growing set of features, our digital crypto asset RUPX is easily accessible to ordinary users, merchants, and institutions alike. Rupaya is governed by a passionate community and a dedicated development team.

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