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Rupaya Community Update – December 12, 2018

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Rupaya Community Update - December 12, 2018

In this edition of the Community Update we will cover general news, core development progress, new Rupaya wallet, marketplace alpha tester search, marketing updates, and more.

Project Development Updates

Discord Bots are Back

As mentioned in our November 5 Community Update, our beloved Discord bots have been relaunched after being given a complete overhaul.

Active Discord members have already been treated to numerous team and community led coin ‘rains’ and ‘soaks’.

Wallet Update

❗️ This week we published an update to the Rupaya wallet that is recommended for all users.

The Rupaya 5.0.30 Wallet includes numerous updates, improvements and code fixes. Most importantly the new wallet now boasts:

  • Atomic Swap capabilities
  • An all new Proposals tab for streamlined governance voting
  • Several UI and UX updates

For a full list of updates please visit our GitHub project page.

Updated Deployment Script

The masternode deployment script has been updated to the latest version.

Grand Trunk Marketplace Testers Wanted

We are currently taking requests to be part of the Grand Trunk Marketplace alpha test group.

Grand Trunk Marketplace is being designed as an online e-commerce portal, enabling individual merchants and vendors to sell goods directly for Rupaya. And with the planned ability to do direct fiat conversions.

Here’s what you need to know to request access to the tester group:

📆 The request form will be open until 11:59PM UTC on Friday December 14.

👉 We have a limited number of alpha test spots available, requesting an invite does not guarantee a spot.

👉 Please be as accurate as possible, we aren’t looking for complete masters in every experience category.

📝 Fill out this Google Form to indicate your interest.

2019 Roadmap

The team is working on an updated roadmap that will clearly define upcoming milestones. The goals outlined for 2019 will cover development work as well as overarching project updates.

New Services

Within the last couple days Rupaya has been listed with Trittium Nodes, a low barrier to entry Masternode investment platform. Learn more on the Trittium site.

Marketing Overview

Blockfolio Signals Status

An important component of user awareness, tools like Blockfolio Signals gives us the ability to reach people interested or invested in Rupaya with timely news and information.

On Monday of this week we went through the Blockfolio Signals onboarding call. We are now just waiting on the activation of our account and hope to have full access to our dashboard yet this week. Once that final step happens we can begin posting updates to Blockfolio Signals, something we’ve been eagerly looking forward to since the announcement of the program.

Email Newsletter

Beginning today the Rupaya newsletter will start going out with an overview of this update. This is just one more way you can stay up to date with project news and information.

About Rupaya

Founded in 2014, Rupaya is the blockchain based payments platform of South Asia. Built on a mature and rapidly growing set of features, our digital crypto asset RUPX is easily accessible to ordinary users, merchants, and institutions alike. Rupaya is governed by a passionate community and a dedicated development team.

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