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Rupaya Community Update – November 5, 2018

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In this edition of the Community Update we will cover general news, Discord bot upgrades, the coin swap extension program, core development progress, marketing updates, and much more.

Project Development Updates

The Bots are Coming Back to Town

After the resounding success of the Rupaya CoinSwap Bot, we are launching several new and improved bots. TipBot and RaffleBot as well as an all new PoliceBot to prevent Discord fraudsters will be coming to the Rupaya Discord server this week.

These bots have gone through a complete overhaul (over 2,000 lines of code changed) taking them from the old python library to the new rewrite. What kinds of new features can you expect? Here’s a real quick rundown.

🎉 Currency Conversion — The new tipbot comes with the ability to calculate conversion of rupx to fiat equivalent. This means that you can ad-hoc check how much RUPX equals a set fiat amount, or you can also set your default fiat so that all of your transactions are also shown with the fiat equivalent value of your choice. These currency rates are updated hourly through an API connection for European Central Banking rates.

🎉 True Transaction Fees on TipBot — There is no longer a 1 RUPX fee for withdrawals. We check to ensure you have at least .01 more than what you wish to send but then make sure to only reduce the balance by the actual transaction fee cost.

  • You now can tip/rain/withdraw less than 1 RUPX.

🎉 Soaks will only apply to those in the community that have earned the “Soak Worthy” role!

  • Soaks also have a mandatory minimum of 10 RUPX.
  • You must opt-in initially to receive “soaks” but you also have the option to opt-out if you don’t wish to receive them.

🎉 You now can purchase raffle tickets directly from your tipbot balance, no more having to transfer and wait to purchase tickets!

🎉 All bots have enhanced backend administrative features as well as enhanced connection reset and error handling.

Main CoinSwap Completed

Following the completion of the Rupaya Coin Swap event we wanted to share a couple key, and impressive stats.

  • 23,895,690.4202245 Coins swapped through the RUPX Coin Swap Bot
  • 591 swap accounts were created
  • 411 swaps were completed in the first 10 days!
  • More than a 92% satisfaction rating with our swap process

🚨 Major Coin Swap Update

Since there were a significant number of people that started but weren’t able to complete their swap within the allotted time, we have decided to open the coin swap bot back up for one week only, and ONLY to those that have already started but not finished their swap.

This means that the SwapBot will have the $start command DISABLED and will ONLY work for those that have already started their swaps but did not complete in time.

⚠️ No new swaps will be accepted. The SwapBot will open back up on November 10, 2018 and be available until 11:59PM UTC November 17, 2017.

👉 If you started your swap but are still unable to complete during that week then it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to reach out to a core team member to see if any special arrangement can be made.

❗️ Any swaps not completed by the final date will be added to the coin burn amount. The coin burn will take place at the end of the month once we have had time to reconcile the snapshot balance to the amount that was swapped. With respect to transparency, the coin burn will be recorded and documented for the community to review.

Discord Safety Tip

Here’s a nifty safety tip from the keyboard of team member Kevin (@tooshameless#1337 on Discord).

First off, you will need developer mode for this to work.

⚠️ Need to know how to enable Discord’s Developer mode? Visit:

With this mode enabled, you can get the user id with a right click or a push-hold on mobile. You can also get the id by putting a backslash in front of whatever you want the id for. For example, entering:


will return the following:


You can also use this in reverse. For example if a person has changed their nickname to try and avoid being found or in order to have different names in different servers. In Discord if you enter:


Then the users current nickname will be returned in the channel.

❗️ Please keep these methods in mind. They are especially useful when approached via DM by someone claiming to be from the Rupaya team. You will be able to quickly and easily check to see that they are who they say they are.

New Services

Over the last couple weeks Rupaya has been listed with several new services. Be sure to check them all out and give us a rating where you can!

Delta Direct Updates

Rupaya is now live on Delta Direct. All the latest RUPX updates will now be directly available on Delta tracking app.

⚠️ If you use Delta to track your portfolio be sure to enable notifications for our Direct updates within the app so you never miss out on important project news or updates!

We’re very excited about this addition to our notification options and hope that it will bring additional exposure and increased reputation to our project.

Marketing Overview

Rupaya Presentation

Our marketing lead Tobias (velk#8724 on Discord) recently spoke about Rupaya and our mission to a packed room at the 2018 Digital Crossroads, put on by the Louisville Digital Association in Louisville, KY. The presentation covered an overview of what Rupaya is, our overarching vision, and regional focus.

The majority of the audience was not cryptocurrency savvy. So this was a completely new audience for our project.

Our project got additional shoutouts from two following presenters who were impressed with the initial presentation and what we are developing.

Rupaya 2018 LDA Conference Presentation

About Rupaya

Founded in 2014, Rupaya is the cryptocurrency of South Asia. Built on a mature and growing set of features, our digital crypto asset RUPX is accessible to ordinary users and merchants. Rupaya is governed by a passionate community and a dedicated development team.

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