Rupaya Roadmap

2019 Rupaya Roadmap


Divided into three main pillars, our 2019 project roadmap outlines how we’re creating the future of blockchain payments for South Asia through constant development and purposeful updates.

Core Development Roadmap

Point-of-Sale Solution

Rupaya team will complete research on Point of Sale solutions for E-commerce and brick & mortar businesses.

Target Completion: Early 2019

Mobile Wallet Development Roadmap

Team will create, and publicly release, the development roadmap for a Rupaya mobile wallet.

Target Completion: Early 2019

Wallet GUI Enhancements

The existing wallet GUI will receive a minor overhaul. Planned improvements include updating base icons and unifying the color scheme to better match current branding.

Target Completion: Early/Mid 2019

Payment Gateway Development

Target Completion: Early/Mid 2019

Payment Gateway Release

Target Completion: Mid/Late 2019

New Wallet UI Release

Initially slated for late 2018, the new wallet UI hit significant development snags and has been pushed back to accommodate more pressing development first.

Target Completion: Mid/Late 2019

Organizational Growth

New Governance Portal

Team will design and develop a new governance portal to facilitate community proposals and voting by masternode owners.

Target Completion: Early 2019

New Governance Guidelines

The team will create and publish new guidelines and rules covering the creation of governance proposals.

Target Completion: Early 2019

Relaunch of Governance

Governance will be re-enabled on the Rupaya network and will begin actively taking community proposals.

Target Completion: Early 2019

Rupaya Premium Service Provider Program

Rules will be published for service providers wishing to attain official recognition as a Rupaya Premium Service Provider.

Target Completion: Early 2019

Rupaya Stablecoin Research

Feasibility studies and general research will be preformed by the team around creating a Rupaya stablecoin (collateralized, non-collateralized, tied to South Asian currency index, etc…)

Target Completion: Early 2019

Organizational Registration Research

Team will complete research on organizational registration and incorporation. A cost/benefit analysis will be conducted and various countries will be considered.

Target Completion: Early 2019

Rupaya Registration

Pending the outcome and findings of the Organization Registration Research phase, Rupaya will be officially registered and incorporated.

Target Completion: Early/Mid 2019

Grand Trunk Marketplace Roadmap

GTM Alpha Complete

Users will finish testing the Grand Trunk Marketplace alpha and will provide feedback to the team.

Target Completion: Early 2019

GTM Beta Complete

Based on feedback from the alpha test group, a larger group will be invited to the Grand Trunk Marketplace beta.

Target Completion: Early 2019

GTM UI Redesign

To maximize the user experience, feedback from the test groups will be incorporated into the final Grand Trunk Marketplace UI.

Target Completion: Early/Mid 2019

GTM Merchant Onboarding

We will aggressively target vendors prior to launch. Merchants will be provided with guides for setting up an online presence and creating a Rupaya wallet.

Target Completion: Early/Mid 2019

GTM Launch

Team will complete all QC and finish final security audit prior to official launch of the Grand Trunk Marketplace to the general public.

Target Completion: Mid 2019

GTM Updates

Grand Trunk Marketplace will undergo planned platform updates and upgrades, incorporating user feedback and adding more features.

Target Completion: Late 2019

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