Our Team

Aasim Khan

Founder & Developer

Aasim (Mobay#7777 on Discord) created Rupaya in early 2014 after he saw projects like Aurora Coin, which targeted Iceland specifically. Realizing the potential for regionalized cryptocurrencies he decided to bring this modern tech to all of South Asia.

Kevin Maloney

Governor & Developer

Kevin (tooshameless#1337 on Discord) is an IT professional with 15+ years of experience covering everything from development to systems integrations. He holds a bachelors in Computer Information Systems from Florida Gulf Coast University, and his talents have led him to speak nationally on a variety of topics ranging from analytics to security. Kevin joined the Rupaya team in mid-2018 and covers a variety of roles for Rupaya, however focuses mainly on team management and systems development.

Brian Bearden

Community Moderator & Technical Support

Brian (GoodTimes#0673 on Discord) is a Sr. Network Engineer with 22 years of experience designing, implementing, and maintaining enterprise sized networks. Brian specializes in network architecture, security, and operations. Brian is also owner of NodeMasters Consulting which provides professional consulting services to Master Node owners. Brian is responsible for assisting community members with the setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of their Master Nodes.

Muhammad Ali Tanveer

Community Moderator


Community Moderator & Technical Support


Community Moderator

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