Roadmap 2018

Our goal to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies and reduce payment and money transfer friction in South Asia.

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Q1 2018

April 1 to June 30


Update Codebase

Update the codebase to 0.10 or higher Bitcoin codebase.


Redesign the project’s website, Twitter, Facebook & Reddit.

Fine tune

Remove known bugs to ensure smooth transactions.

Tip Bot

Implement a Tip Bot on official Discord channel, so users can tip each other for helping and spread the wealth.

Q2 2018

April 1 to June 30


Enable Governance

Enabling governance on the Rupaya blockchain will be a major milestone. With this Rupaya will become a Digital Autonomous Organization.


A greater marketing initiative will be taken to raise awareness to Rupaya in South Asia.

Design Proposal Portal

Once governance is enabled a portal will be built for easy access to proposals submitted for voting on the blockchain.

Mobile Wallets

Researching about implementing mobile wallets for iOS & Android.

Q3 2018

July 1 to September 30


Point of Sale

Rupaya team will research and develop Point of Sale systems for E-commerce and brick & mortar businesses.


South Asian businesses in Europe & USA will be approached in a bid to integrate Rupaya in their sales system.

Mobile Wallet Beta Release

A beta version of wallets will be released to a select group of people in the community for testing.

Money Transfer

Research will be conducted in the Area of money transfer, legal & regulatory requirements will be weighed in.

Q4 2018

October 1 to December 31


Mobile Wallet Release

iOS & Android wallet will be released to the wider community.

Fiat Exchange

Research the legal & regulatory requirements to launch an exchange with trading pairs for local fiat currencies in South Asian countries.

Atomic Swap

Research will be conducted to integrate Atomic cross-chain trading on the Rupaya Blockchain.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale terminals will be delivered to merchants for beta testing.


Rupaya team will aggressively pursue the listing process for bigger exchanges at this point.